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TerraSteads gives you a unique, fun and personalised way to display your NFTs and share your collection with friends and family using a short & memorable URL. We're working on building a full ecosystem around Steads with our $STEAD token, staking systems and unique SRAs which will only give the limited collection even more demand on the secondary markets...

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This roadmap explains what we plan to do with TerraSteads and how we will build it out to be its own ecosystem on Luna.

1. Presale Mint

We will host a whitelisted presale mint of TerraSteads. The top community members and the most inspiring people in the space will be granted whitelist access to this sale along with the OG Discord crew and partnered community members.

2. Public Mint

The start of it all: The TerraSteads will be available for public minting on Luna. This will build the foundation of our community that will conquer the Terra NFT space forever more.

3. Holder-only Discord Channels

We will open up Holder-only Discord channels with Lunar Assistant so that holders can talk to other holders and we can start to host holder-events on Discord. Stages, competitions, giveaways etc.

4. NFT Viewer

The core utility of TerraSteads: the NFT viewer. Taking inspiration from SolSteads, we will build out a fully functional NFT viewer that will allow Stead holders to share their awesome NFT collection with a short and memorable URL. This is the beginning of the Steadverse.

5. Street Resident's Associations

We will open up Discord channels that will be exclusive to each street. If you own a Stead on Bitcoin Blvd, then you will get access to the private Bitcoin Blvd Discord channel. We can imagine amazing & powerful sub-communities being built within the TerraSteads community. Not to mention that there will also be a street vault where 50% of the royalties from that street are sent to. The funds in this vault can be utilised by the residents of said street through a voting system.

Just imagine... there is a super-exclusive street where all the best alpha is shared and everyone's aim is to get a house on that street!

Learn more about SRAs...

6. Stead Staking & $STEAD

Another core utility of TerraSteads is our staking mechanism & our token.

We will introduce the ability to stake your Steads in return for a payout of our very own $STEAD token. This token's utility will be built out over time and will take inspiration from the Famous Fox Federation on Solana. Our aim is to build out services and projects that will utilise this token.

7. LunaLetterz

LunaLetterz will connect the Terra NFT community like never before. Imagine being able to write a digital letter to someone who owns the NFT that you desperately need and put forward an "offer they can't refuse" !

We will work with major platforms to integrate LunaLetterz and innovate the way that contacting unknown wallet addresses works on Terra.

8. TownDAO

An important part of any NFT collection is working towards decentralization in a way that ultimately involves the community & the holders. TownDAO will be our way of moving towards a more decentralized and democratic project. This will allow the project to grow in the direction that the community wishes for.

9. TerraTown: Metamap

We will build out an interactive online map for viewing TerraTown in all of its glory. This map will show the streets, the houses and all of the houses for sale.

A good source of an example is the Decentraland map.

10. Looking into the future...

We imagine a vast ecosystem built around TerraSteads. With our metaverse integrations, our bustling community (plus its SRAs) and our very own token with services that everybody in the Terra NFT space is hasty to use.

Show off your Terra NFTs.

TerraSteads allows a way for you to share your awesome & growing Luna NFT collection in the ultimate way. A short, memorable link that will allow you to display your NFTs in your own special way.

Join the community.

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Development & Operations

Hey, I'm Soysource!
I'm a developer and a crypto-enthusiast. I have been involved with NFTs since early-2021 and I am finally ready to take the leap in creating my own collection.

🏆 Proud Galactic Punk Holder.


Marketing & Operations

Yo! I'm Spam Misubi (Misubi for short- not spam). I'm a loving father of two with 3 years of industry-experience. I'm a wizard in marketing and I'm full of epic ideas when it comes to making a unique and useful NFT.


Art & Content

Hi! I am Teclado, the artist behind TerraSteads. I just got started on creating my online presence but I've made art since forever (I'm getting old 🤣). NFTs really inspired me to create something new and exciting! Brazil 4 Life! 🇧🇷


Community Management

Sup! I'm Hoisin. I'm a quirky hippie who enjoys travelling the world with my adorable 3-year-old son and my loving girlfriend! The only thing I love more than nature is crypto! 🌱


Social Media Manager

G'day! I'm Satrano, the TerraStead's social media manager. I'm a young student who has fallen in love with the freedom of DeFi. ❤️


Moderation & "Vibes"

Howdy, folks.. They call me Kemosabe. I'm an American web-developer who was pushed into Web3 by a friend and is now obsessed! 🤪

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